Topics to Keep in Mind When Dealing with Homeowners

When you’re working with a homeowner on renovations or repairs, or any manner of work in between, there are sure to be a few things on their mind, such as time table for the job, the cost, and a guarantee in the event anything goes awry.

There are a few other questions they may have, or things you may want to let them know about depending on the type of work you’re doing. Be prepared for any of the below:

Hazardous Materials – If you’re working with anything that could potentially blow up or burst into flames, such paints, solvents, and fuel, the homeowner might want to know that these materials are properly stored, or may not want them near their home at all.

License – Have your license handy in case they want to double check it with your state.

Insurance – Contractor’s Edge helped you find the best possible insurance, so show it off with pride! The homeowner will likely want to ensure that you’re insured, anyway.

Cleanup – You’ll be expected to cleanup daily, both the materials used in you work as well as any potential food.

Timeframe – Of course the homeowner will want to know when you’ll start working, and when the work will be completed. If any unforeseen circumstances alter this time table, be sure to let the homeowner know.

Working Hours – Let the homeowner know the hours you’ll be working each day, as well as the typical time for breaks and lunch. This will prevent any accusations that you’re standing around doing nothing.

Vehicles – Let the homeowner know about the expected number of vehicles and their types and ensure that there is somewhere to park them. Also, if you’ll be transporting materials to the worksite, make sure the homeowner knows this, and the expected path to avoid traffic.

Contact Information – If the homeowner doesn’t offer up contact information (home, work, cellular), then request it, and give them yours in return. This way, if any emergencies arise, then you’ll be able to easily contact each other.

This is just a quick roundup of some of the more common topics to keep in mind when working with a homeworker, but clear communication is key in dealing with any expectations. This will keep the both of you happy and go a far way to building trust between the two of you. It will help to avoid any potential disagreements or cost increases.


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